Getting Clients for Your Insurance Business

Are you the owner of an insurance company? Do you work as an insurance agent? Well, if the answers to both these questions are Yes, then you must be craving for the tricks and the ideas that can help you get clients for your company.

Even if you are working as an insurance agent, it gets important for you to grab clients for your company because this is what will determine the commission you will be getting. For this, you will have to have your hands on the information provided by 

Technically speaking, insurance buyers are almost everywhere. It is just that you must work on your products frequently to grab their attention.

As an insurance company, you will have to work on building a great marketing and sales strategy in the very first place. You must develop a system that helps you acquire new clients while retaining the existing ones.

Simply craving for dollars will not bring you anything. There are different ways of getting insurance customers rapidly. They are as follows:

Face to Face Networking

Of course, these are the times of networking and social media. But amidst using such channels, you must not forget about the good old-fashioned method of face to face networking. You never know this can serve as a strong secret weapon that will help you acquire a good number of clients in no time.

Some strategies you can use in this context are:

  • Partnering with the professionals in the field. Try to meet and exchange referrals with mortgage brokers, real estate agents, CPAs, and lawyers.
  • Network through community service organizations.
  • Choose places like churches and schools to present networking opportunities and growing relations that can be of good help in the future. These must be places where you gather with family members and friends.
  • The local sports events and teams, along with travel groups, school athletes, and little leagues, can also help you get in touch with people who require better insurance products.

No technology can even match the power of face to face, in-personal, natural, and personal relationship building. So, it always works to carry several business cards so you can hand them over as soon as you find a prospect.

Initially, you will not be able to find customers interested in the insurance products you are offering. But if you are informative and helpful enough, clients will not mind having a word with you.

Look Out for Referrals

 The referrals you get from satisfied clients are of the highest quality. But it is not easy to get referrals, especially if you are new in the insurance industry with a small client list. However, there is no hard and fast rule that quality referrals should only come from clients.

Introductions to prospects can even be obtained from the people who believe in you and your company. These will be your former colleagues, friends, and family members. And in times when you get a call from any of your existing customers asking to cancel their plan, make it a point to explain to them that you are there for them as and when required.

You must work on creating a certain system for conducting surveys when you find that your existing clients are leaving you. This will help you look into the areas that require a bit of improvement.

Go Both Old and New School

Privacy laws and spam folders have made it very difficult to connect with insurance prospects. But there are some tried and tested tricks that even work in these present times. These include print advertisements, gift certificates, advertisements in trade magazines, and scanning marriage announcements for sales opportunities.

Speaking on the new school methods, you can come up with a site for your insurance company to be available online. This will be one of the best tools for generating leads. Pack in features into your website that you think will bring in more prospects.

You can go for a Get Quote option on the site or request contact information from the people who visit the site. But keep in mind that these little components will not do the big work for you. You will have to do things such as including contact forms on the website pages, including testimonials for enhancing credibility, and highlighting your company’s contact information.

Deal in Several Insurance Products

Dealing in several insurance products will make you a versatile source in the eyes of prospects. This will bring in more customers to your business, as you will be able to cater to different clients’ requirements.

You can deal with life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, employee insurance, and various other products in huge demand. Catering to the requirements of varied groups of buyers will automatically bring you more clients.


One thing that you cannot miss out on when it comes to grabbing customers in the insurance sector is marketing. Marketing your insurance products in the right way will not only grow your client base but will also help the existing clients trust your products.

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